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Projects & Training

» Academic projects help students to develop better technical competency. We have evolved a unique practical methodology to give a real project experience to the students.
» Our support starts right from training you on the required skills to start the project, further guiding to meet project objectives, there by taking you through the complete project life cycle.
» Selection Procedure.
» Step 1
     Register with us (Group wise), after completion of registration we provide one unique registration no.

.Net technology
The .NET Framework allows you to:
» Apply common skills across a variety of devices, application types, and programming tasks.
» Integrate with other tools and technologies to build the right solution with less work.
Advance java, j2ME, j2EE
Java server pages are good for web based applications
» Use of servlet & beans provides better security in web environment.
» MVC architecture used with all these features makes development of the product more secure & efficient.
    PHP - MySQL    
PHP is an open source and widely used for web development.
» PHP offers many levels of security to prevent malicious attacks.
» Another key advantage of PHP is its connective abilities. PHP uses a modular system of extensions to interface with a variety of libraries such as graphics, XML, encryption, etc.
Other Technologies
Your own project with specific technology
» VB 6.0, ASP, Database related projects, Embedded Technology, Micro-processor and Micro-controller projects.
» Projects using basic languages, Projects using Microsoft Visual Studio, Web-services or assembly level projects, Frame-work design & Implementation and many more.

» Step 2
     We correspond you to know about your preferred domain, technology & project title, on which you would like to work on project.
     If not cleared about the same, we can guide you personally.
» Step 3
     We will inform you to come at company location. Your initial technical skills which required in selected domain will be checked through technical test and aptitude test.
» Step 4
     Personal interaction with company's tehnical person held on basis of your technical test results.
» Step 5
     Allocation of project as per your required time schedule. (With detail follow-up)
» Step 6
     1st week -Training for specific technical requirements
     2nd week Allocate dummy work (Same as your project title) to check whether are you able to do live project or not. Learning module about how to utilize technical resources.
     3rd week Understanding of live project, design, scope, coding structure, naming convention etc.
     4th week and onwards do live project. You have to maintain discipline to meet deadline of project and company etiquettes.

» Few companies are affiliated with us, which provide live & competitive projects to students.
» You want to work on your own project definition with specific technology; we provide best Training for your customized project titles. Register with us and than Sign up for your own project titles with us.
» To see more project definitions, click to View Project under specific technology.
» For Further Details mail to

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